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A Miami native, New-York grown educator who is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and families through a multi-faceted learning approach. Katherine spent four years in New York City working with a variety of populations in different educational settings, such as, adults with traumatic brain injuries, children with behavioral disabilities, and children with multiple disabilities. Katherine earned her undergraduate degree in early childhood education (birth-grade 2) and special education (birth-grade 2) from New York University. She also earned a fellowship from George Washington University to receive a Master of Science in Education degree (focused on traumatic brain injuries and transition services). Katherine currently holds an initial educator’s certificate from the State of New York Department of Education as well as a certified brain injury specialist certificate from the Brain Injury Association of America.

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Solanyi Alvino (pronounced Sol-Angie) is the oldest of 4 siblings. She loves working with children and is passionate about dance. Her dream is to own a dance studio for children with disabilities. After graduating high school, she worked with various after school programs and summer camps in which she had the ability to work with children on the autism spectrum, children with epilepsy, and children with bipolar disorder. After graduating from Miami-Dade Teacher's College with a bachelors in Exceptional Student Education, she worked in a few schools as a teacher. Looking for something different, she turned to TLC: The Learning Coaches where she will continue her teaching journey.

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