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Haven: Homeschool Help, with Heart

The term "homeschool" may take on a few different meanings this upcoming school year. For some, it may mean completely taking charge of your child's education. For others, it may mean having your child enrolled in school while they learn from home some, or all days. Whatever your definition of homeschool may be this academic year, know we are here to help. We understand that each family has their own specific needs, therefore, the Haven program entails us designing a specific plan unique to your family.

Haven services may include:

Direct instruction by a learning coach in a single subject, or multiple subjects. Instruction may be given to a single child, or a group of children

- Consulting with parents & caregivers

- Instructing parents & caregivers on how to implement teaching strategies

- Assisting with social emotional needs

- Assisting parents & caregivers with creating a curriculum for their child

- Assisting parents & caregivers with creating a schedule for their child

- Anything else you may need support with!